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Advance Lam helps to redefine your space with nothing but the best. Whether it is your beloved bedroom or your corporate meeting room at the office, with 1mm decorative laminates, you can render a completely new look for all of them.
The finest quality coupled with unmatched designs, textures, and durability - laminates from Advance Lam speaks for style and elegance. Make your property emit the grand vibes of beauty and royalty, sleek and poshness, minimalism, and grandeur with unique 1mm decorative laminates from the house of Advance Lam. Indulge in the exotic decorative laminates and let the essence of beauty flow across our space with 1mm decorative laminates.

What are 1mm Decorative Laminates?

This is a special class of laminated sheets that have a thickness of 1 mm. The beauty of this laminate sheet lies in the fact that it comes with a super-smooth texture, unmatched thinness, and a multitude of finishes. 1mm decorative laminates are also known by the name high-pressure decorative laminates. They come in the following types of finish: .

1mm decorative laminate
decorative laminate sheets

● Matte
● Glossy
● Steel
● Fabric
● Suede Finish

Mini Squares

The sheets generally come in the dimension 240 mm*120 mm. However, the size and shapes are customizable. The one factor that attracts people towards these sheets is the low maintenance of these sheets. The 1mm decorative laminates from the house of Advance Lam require the least maintenance. They stay as it is for a long time. All you have to do is clean them with very mild detergents and keep them away from harsh cleaners and direct sunlight.
1mm decorative laminates are one of the best choices in the world of laminated sheets because it is:

1mm decorative laminates are one of the best choices in the world of laminated sheets because it is :

Easy to maintain
Resistant to all types of microbial growth
Comes in multiple designs, textures, and shades

With the 1mm decorative laminates, you can feature an impression of premium and finest class and quality. Choose the best exotic designs within affordable price packages from us. Advance Lam is your ideal destination for the best 1mm decorative laminates. We bring the newest designs of 1mm decorative laminates from across the world. Now get a reflection of the best global designs in your kitchen, rooms, balconies, and offices with the lavish 1mm decorative laminates from Advance Lam.

1mm decorative laminates is a unique product that fabricates a suitable amalgamation of the aesthetics of veneer and the affordability of laminates. So you get that cozy laminate feeling under the best prices and guess what 1mm decorative laminates will alleviate your regular cleaning stress. Hence, these laminates are best suited for your kitchen. You can also use them for any other place in your house or office and render a completely advanced and unique look.

1mm decorative laminates feature the globally acknowledged zero finish technology. The built material of these laminate sheets is unique and the best. We use only the finest quality raw material to carve the best 1mm decorative laminate sheets for our clients that have a suitable mix of style and durability.

Presented to you in a multivariate palette of an array of texture, color, and designs, these 1 mm decorative laminates are surely the best choice. Also, 1mm decorative laminates are products of the most advanced technology in the world of veneers and laminates. This imparts a beautiful shine, gloss, and finish to the laminate sheets that give a natural aesthetic look perfect for any corner of your room or office. 1mm decorative laminates give the feel of wooden laminates and yet ensure durability and long life.


The zero finish technology featured in our 1 mm decorative laminates have the following special and exclusive features that make them the best in the industry:

Resistant to all types of surface wear and tear
The surface is protected against all types of stains and marks
Scratching or burning will not be able to tamper the look of the 1mm decorative laminates
1mm decorative laminates from Advance Lam have a German Technology back sanding that imparts the highest quality in these laminate sheets
The zero finish technology of the 1mm decorative laminates feature zero light reflection that adds an important element to the decor aesthetics of your space
There is a unique feature of the 1mm decorative laminates - they are resistant against the highest of temperature - from boiling water to cigarette burns
Lastly, you can find a wide array of colors, designs, and textures of 1 mm decorative laminates at the house of Advance Lam.

laminate sheets designs

Advance Lam is a house of the exclusive 1mm decorative laminates. To get the best 1 mm decorative laminates with world-class looks and the best quality of the industry, connect with us today. Redefine your interior with suitable 1 mm decorative laminates from the house of Advance Lam.

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