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Advance Lam has come up with the best and most advanced block boards to give a high-definition edge to your interior decor. We offer valuable block boards each of which is either 19 mm or 25mm. You can choose the one that suits your requirements perfectly. From interior decorators to architects, our products are cherished by all. Block boards are a special type of laminate that is mostly used in modern interior decor. According to the genre and need for futuristic interior decor, Advance Lam has designed some of the most exclusive collections of block boards.

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What are Blockboard?

Block boards are basically prepared by gluing together laminated plywood amidst layers of veneers and the structure is secured by placing several strips of softwood on the edge. The amalgamation is done under influence of very high pressure.

Block boards are generally used for making all types of doors and partition walls. They are ideal as wardrobe doors and suffice well for all kinds of paneling work. Apart from playing a key role in interior decor, block boards are also used for stiffening various types of furniture pieces that are apprehensive of getting bent. For achieving maximum strength and tensility, it is necessary to use the block boards pieces lengthwise.

There are various steps involved in Block Boards production and processing

  • Slicing: The long pieces of the log are sliced into 25 mm pieces
  • Rotary Cutting: To obtain the outer layer coating Veneer the large log pieces are cut with rotary cutting
  • Gluing
  • Drying
  • Attaching
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Finishing
Why Should You Use Block Boards?

Block boards are an excellent choice for interior decor and have multifaceted usage and are extremely convenient to work with at the same time. Here are the top reasons why you should use block boards:

● They are extremely light yet has an excellent stability factor.
● Block boards are easy to handle, one can customize block boards easily.
● They are very poor conductors of heat, electricity, and sound hence they are resistant to all types of heat-borne damage.
● Block boards are exclusively designed for being resistant against all types of mechanical abrasions and usually do not crack.
● Block boards are long-lasting and have a high shelf life.
● They are durable and often a better choice than any other type of laminate when it comes to durability.
● Being made of softwood they are extremely light in weight thus easily customizable.
● They have a high value of modulus of elasticity that makes them even more tolerant and easier to bend.

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What are the Major Applications of Block Boards?

Block boards have wide usage; however, they are most commonly used in the following domains of interior decor:

  • They are excellent as almirah or wardrobe doors.
  • They are ideally used for making cabinets, partitions, and shelves.
  • Block boards are well suited for roofing and fencing purposes.
  • Block boards are the best choice for kitchen plywood.
  • Being waterproof and scratch-resistant, they are also widely used for various other commercial purposes.

Apart from these, they are also used in various other types of interior decor projects.

Why Should You Buy Block Boards from Us?

Advance Lam is an ideal destination for various types of block boards. Explore our wide collection of functionally optimum and beautiful block boards to make interior decor easier and gorgeous. Connect with us today to get the best block boards for your space. We offer premium quality block boards at affordable prices. Connect with us today and avail of some amazing offers and undoubtedly the best quality products.

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