Digital Laminate Catalogue

Digital Laminate Catalogue

Your space refers to the vibes of trust and strength with digital laminate catalogue from Advance Lam. Sheets with unmatched design, unbeatable quality, and unprecedented shelf life - doesn’t the digital laminates seem fascinating already?
The catalogue of digital laminates are specially designed to be brittle and hard at the same time for a better, finer, and classy look. digital laminates are resistant to mechanical wear and tear, all types of scratch, and abrasions. So, these digital laminates are your perfect partner for interior decor. Now tell your story through your house and let digital laminates be your partner. For experiencing a much more attractive and polished look on your wooden furniture and cabinets, install digital laminate catalogue on them.

digital laminate catalogue
digital laminate catalogue


Advance Digital Laminates customizes the environment, reworking it into a completely unique area with super photo resolution. An perfect surfacing fabric for each business and home applications, catalogue of digital laminates provide infinite aesthetic possibilities, supplying you with the suitable canvas to color your creativity. It also can be used as wardrobe laminates because it defines wonderful textures and shades. Digital laminate catalogue easy your work to choose best design. Made of a couple of layers of Kraft paper compressed collectively with high-electricity resins, digital laminates now no longer handiest appearance great, however they may be additionally a enormously long lasting surfacing answer. Whether you need to absolutely remodel the appearance and sense of your residing area or simply deliver it a hint of personalization, Decorative laminates can get the task done, seamlessly.

Abstract Designs

The traditional strong shades and repeating floral and geometric styles may get uninteresting to a point this is whilst summary designs open to a couple of interpretations sprung up. Abstract designs generally tend to consist of a lot of unconventional styles that may be a breath of sparkling air into any residing area, making them best for folks that are trying to pass farfar from the normal.If you're searching out a rustic/conventional appearance and sense, recollect going for a digital wrap with a massive variety presenting stone textures. The stone end laminates are best for growing a mundane but first rate ambiance. An array of selections to customise the interiors of your houses and workplaces, humans in recent times are a good deal extra to herbal designs that could handiest be determined in digital decorations of laminates. You can go to the digital laminate catalogue for today's designs and textures.


High pressure Decorative laminated sheets, | SIZE: 2440 x 1220 mm, | THICKNESS: 1.00 mm


Apart from offering the conventional advantages, digital laminate catalogue also has many other types of unconventional benefits. These sheets are exclusively used in the personification of durability and strength of old furniture and all the dull and dump places of your house that require renovation or remodeling. This is a proper modern solution for the modular kitchen and can make you happy anytime you walk in to cook. digital laminates are extremely easy to install and the installation is absolutely hassle-free. With artistic creativity and cutting-edge architectural skill, these laminates are one of the easiest to work with. Allowing the architects to show off their beautiful skills of creating the wide range of customization options available amidst digital laminates is really amazing.
You can try out in digital laminate catalogue multiple designs, colors, and customization with these laminate sheets that is why it is perfect to Cater to people of various types of tastes. If you are installing it over your kitchen, go for the trendy designs and colors. On the other hand, if you are incorporating these digital laminates catalogue in your corporate office go for subtle colors and design. Let your space speak its story with the digital laminates catalogue at its best quality only by Advance Lam.

Why choose ADVANCE Digital Laminate Catalogue:

A complete dimensionally stable product with the unique resistance power against

Durable with 10 years assure on shade
Easy to maintain
Hygienic and easy to clean
High resistant to water and moisture
FSC certified product
It is high-pressure high-density Decorative
Available in glossy as well as matt finish
A wide range of designs to match with your interior
Every design comes with the suggestion of plane colour match
Scratch resistant to appearance lovely for a long time
Resistant to heat

digital laminate catalogue


Advance gives a guarantee that the product is free from any production defects & is appropriate to use for the normal and regular purpose. In case of any visual defects, the product now no longer be used, cut, or altered in any manner. Company liability will be limited to the extent the cost of the product only. The colour/shade may vary from variety to variety.

Wrapping Up

Digital laminate catalogue can help you create any type of ambience you may desire. Besides being easy on the pocket, digital laminates come with a host of other advantages such as easy maintenance, resistance to microbial growth, and of course, a wide variety of choices.