“The First Impression That Lasts Long”

Doors form an integral part of the home decor and can change the entire look of any space. If you want to reinvent the beauty of your space, then elements such as doors and windows will play a very important part. Advance door skin from the house of Advance Lam is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your door and also change the style of your space. Whether building a new home with absolutely modern doors or renovating the space, advanced skin doors are indeed one of the best options. Also, advance door skin is best for making your door even more functional.

For fixing handles on the door, advance door skins are the best option. When choosing the look of your door, the setup of your room or space should be of prime concern. If you are living in a modern house, the doors should add to the element of decor. Also, you can restore the creativity and vintage of your house with old traditional wooden doors. Whether building afresh from scratch or remodelling, 0.8 mm decorative laminate are truly tremendous components of home decor.

Good Design
Good Design

Handle fittings are the most important part of any door. Advance door skin is one of the most stable bases to fix these handles and thus prevent the doors from getting damaged. Before applying the handle fittings, if you fix the advance door skin on the door surface, this will not only make the fitting easier but also prevent any damage to the underlying door laminates. Thus advance door skin is an amazing way to increase the shelf life and functionality of the doors.


With collections of over 200+ designs to choose from a variety of finish and prints are available like Metallic, UV, Matt, Texture, HD, etc.
Options in all 3 sizes – 7×3, 7×3.25 & 8×4 ft.
100% phenolic product.
3D presentation of all designs in the catalogue.


Thickness: 1.00mm
Sizes: 7×3,7×3.25 & 8×4 Ft
Finish: Matt
Laminates especially Door Skins are a unique invention done by the experts, with various styles and designs to choose from, explore Advance Decorative World to get a deeper knowledge of applications to beautify your home.

Advance door skin acts as an extremely beneficial element to enhance the support of the doors and the fittings. To make the attachment of advance door skin easier, it is also important to choose the best quality door laminates. You can choose from a wide range of laminates to cover your door properly such that advance door skin installation becomes easier. Advance door skin adds to the durability and efficiency of the laminates even. In the world of modern interior decor, there are an immense number of fittings that can make your doors beautiful and functional. These may include handles, hooks, nameplates, and so on. For each of these add-ons, advance door skin act as the best base.

The advance door skin is the best to cover up your doors and the best part is that there is minimum wastage of laminates while using the advance door skin. You can also customize the shades and designs to suit the theme of your interior decor. From gloss to matte avail the best quality advance door skin with a suitable look to match your taste and preference. Make your space aesthetic or rustic - give it the best look of your choice and let the glamorous style of the doors add beauty to your house space. Explore metal strips rowdy to soothing floral motives and create the life of your space.

The advance door skin is one of the easiest to maintain. You can use nail polish remover or other nonabrasive household cleaners for cleaning the door skin. Excessive harsh cleaning agents or strong beaches may lead to the colour of the advance door skin fading. Exposure to very strong sunlight can also fade away the finish of the advance door skin. Regularly scheduled cleaning and a bit of dusting on daily basis will keep the advance door skin shining and beautiful for a long time. With the best quality advance door skin from Advance Lam, you have to care the least yet get the maxim out of the laminates.

Advance Lam is the ideal junction for choosing the widest and best collection of advance door skin. We have a huge collection of premium advance doors skin that performs the best in terms of style, functionality, and durability. To give your doors solid support and make door decor easier and better than ever, choose from the enormous collection of advance door skin from the house of Advance Lam. Advance Lam offers the best quality Advance door skins and at the most affordable rates. Make your interior decor and your pockets happy at the same time. For the best consultation and premium quality products, connect with Advance Lam today. We are all set to help you out.


High pressure Decorative laminated sheets

Size: 2440mm x 1220mm

Thickness: 1mm and 1.5mm

Finish: Suede Finish (SF), Matt, Glossy, Hairline, Leather, Steel, Fabric, Mini Squares, Horizontal, Vertical, Egyptian.

Maintainance: Clean with mild soap solutions or household detergent, abrasive cleaners should not be used, it is recommended for vertical use only. Avoid direct sunlight.

Resistance: To surface wear, immersion in boiling water, dry heat, impact by small die, Ball, cigarette burns, staining, scratches, color change in xenon light Advance Zero finish laminates hold a great advantage over conventional as it is pocket friendly, highly Decorative, easy maintenance, great choice of designs, and high resistance to microbial growth.


Thickness 1.00mm (+10%) 1.00mm (+10%)
Resistance to surface ware 350 (revolutions) 350 (revolutions)
Resistance to immersion in boiling water 10.0 (Maximum) 11.8 (Maximum)
Not worse than 4
7.5 (Maximum) 8.5 (Maximum)
Not worse than 4
Resistance to Dry Heat Not worse than 4 Not worse than 4
Dimensional stability at deviated temperature 0.55 (Maximum)
1.025 (Maximum)
0.44 (Maximum)
.86 (Maximum)
Dimensional stability at 20 – c Longitudinal (%) 0.375 (Maximum)
.60 (Maximum)
0.31 (Maximum)
.49 (Maximum)
Resistance to impact by small diameter bat 20N (Minimum) 20N (Minimum)
Resistance to cracking Not worse than 4 Not worse than 4
Resistance to scratching 2N (Minimum) 2N (Minimum)
Resistance to Staining Not worse than 5 Not worse than 5
Resistance to color change ( wool standards) Not worse than 6 Not worse than 5 Not worse than 6 Not worse than 5
Resistance to Cigarette burns Not worse than 3 Not worse than 3
Appearance Should be free from foreign particles Should be free from foreign particles