High Pressure Laminate Sheet

High Pressure Laminate Sheet

High Pressure Laminate Sheet are counted as one of the most durable surface materials that are used for decoration. It consists of many properties which provide this material with its renowned durability. These properties include resistance against chemicals, wear fire. All of these three resistances provide it with the ability to withstand the most common reasons that make a decorative surface material get replaced.

high pressure laminate sheet is made by the saturation of multiple kraft paper along with the phenolic resin. But before pressing them, a single layer of decor, usually printed, is placed on the kraft papers top. Then, they are sandwiched together with the use of extreme heat and pressure. Doing so fuses them.

During this process, the melamine and phenolic resins convert the paper sheet into a rigid, single laminated sheet. This process is called thermosetting. Thermosetting creates bonds within the material that are irreversible. These irreversible strong bonds provide the high pressure laminate sheet with its renowned durability.

High Pressure Laminate Sheet


At Advance Lam, we provide the best high pressure laminate sheet. Our whole team is known for the decorative laminate sheet materials that it manufactures. Manufacturing and supplying premium quality High Pressure Laminate Sheet & HPL Exterior Wall Cladding Panels are some of the things that we are renowned for doing all around India. One of the biggest perks about using High Pressure Laminate is the durability that it provides. This durability in the decorative surface of any piece of furniture is very beneficial. Therefore, it is a good option to choose on any horizontal or vertical surface.

Some of such places where it is used include furniture, cabinetry, wall treatments, and flooring too. Any place that you can think suffers a lot of human contact needs to have high pressure laminate sheet as its protective covering. Laminate Sheet durability also makes it fit for use in the well-trafficked areas of your home, office, or any other such place. You can also find high pressure digital laminates being used in many clinics and hospitals as well.

The nature of HPL also makes it quite post-formable. The high pressure laminate made by us at Advance Lam provides the best durability and the best quality. Quality is something that you must look out for in a piece of decorative material for your house. Other than just being durable, High Pressure Laminate Sheet are also quite strong modern, and minimalistic in looks. So, getting them set up in any part of a place will not make the environment dull.

High Pressure Laminate Cladding & sunmica sheet is a great decorative material to use, whether it is in your home, office, or anywhere else. Its durability makes it stand throughout and apart. The durability of this material also makes it quite fit for use in places like cafés, restaurants, etc. If you want to get the best High Pressure Laminate Sheet at the best justifiable and affordable price, then contact us. Our team at Advance lam will be more than happy to help you find the best High Pressure Laminate Cladding. Consumer satisfaction is our main goal. So, youcan rest assured that you will get the best product.